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Real-time GPS fleet tracking, driver check-in and performance reports, and vehicle health alerts. 

A complete fleet tracking solution that is easy to use

Zubie GPS Fleet Tracking
GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking

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Zubie allows you to stay connected to your drivers and fleet.

  • Locate vehicles 24/7 from a live map
  • Find the closest driver based on traffic and location
  • View and store trip history
  • Get alerts when vehicles arrive/depart geofences
  • Manage vehicle use outside of working hours
  • Use driver check-in to manage your team

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Zubie keeps your vehicles running so you never miss a job.

  • Measure mileage and vehicle utilization
  • Get immediate notifications when a vehicle has engine issues or a drained battery
  • Monitor fuel levels and locate the nearest gas station when fuel is low
  • Get reminders for preventative service and track maintenance activity

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Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking

Vehicle Health

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Location Tracking

Always-on GPS tracking, real-time alerts, trip history, and reports.

Vehicle Health

Detect engine and battery problems and remotely check fuel levels.

Driver Check-in & Alerts

Track drivers, assets and gain efficiency through intelligent alerts, reports, and dashboards.

Easy to install. Easy to use.

1) The Zubie Key

Zubie plugs into your vehicle in 15 seconds like a memory stick. No professional help or tools needed.

2) The Zubie Cloud

Get critical driving alerts, analyze driving trends, and securely store driving data for a year.

3) Zubie Apps

Keep tabs on your drivers and vehicles from your computer, tablet or iOS/Android smartphone.

Zubie plugs into the OBD-II port in your vehicles.

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Maximize efficiency and keep your drivers and fleet safe using Zubie dashboards, scheduled reports and the Zubie crew app.

• Verify arrival and departure time from job sites
• Manage idle time, speeding and overall fuel usage
• Enforce compliance with speed limits
• Monitor hard braking and/or rapid acceleration

• Coach drivers using Scorecard reports
• Let drivers self-manage performance using the Zubie Crew app
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Driver Performance

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